About Me

Informed by the dialogue between vernacular and contemporary, I look to design provocatively optimistic experiences that disrupt the boundaries of architecture, design, craft, and technology. With a design ideology rooted in exploring the consequences of our evolving lifestyles, I am passionate about facilitating meaningful exchanges between social and natural ecosystems at a human scale.

Personal Statement

Design for me is a way to break free from the norms that have become an integral part of society. It is also the medium through which I continuously try to position and re-position myself with respect to my context.


Growing up in India I have always been curious about informal spaces, ingenious dwellings, or DIY architecture & design that is usually a result of consequences rather than planning. These are conditions I always look out for to observe how we interact with our environment and understand the solutions we come up with to make these interactions easier and more personal.


Being from an agricultural family with strong ties to our native village some of my fondest memories architecturally are from my grandmother’s house - lime plaster, compressed earth blocks, teak wood, red oxide, the smell of hay and mud are all things that make me nostalgic whenever I see them in any context. As I grow into my role as a designer I find myself reverting to or referencing these old memories and attachments more and more. My interest lies in combining these nostalgic memories and references, age old practices informed by experiences with modern technologies and materials and design spaces or objects that serve contemporary lifestyles.


Materials, forms, colors, textures or various combinations of these elements act as the language through which I express my Ideas. Material exploration allows me to understand the material I am working with better and know its inherent properties. Later, the way these materials interact with their environment and their properties translate into a key element of my design itself. This allows me to explore the possibilities of combining different materials, techniques and phenomenons and applying them in unconventional ways to achieve my goals.



Through this exploration I want to identify my role as a bridge between architecture & craft, tradition & technology, object & user.




Studio Mumbai Architects

Dear Design,

Architectural Designer, 2018 Oct - Ongoing

Most recently worked on elevations for a solo show at Chemould Prescot Gallery in Mumbai.

Personal portfolio, 2017

Copy writing, Layouts, Editorial Design.

Ania Jaworska & Associates

Opaque. Transparent. Translucent

Design Assistant, 2017 -2018 September

Assisted in design process ranging from developing a strategy to development of furniture and large-scale architectural installations.

Developed identity system & website for the office.

Academic Paper, 2016

Thoughts on spatial permeability in contemporary sacred architecture.

Published on Academia.

Boundaries of Syllabus

Borderless Studio

Urban Design Intern, 2018 January - May

Developed axonometric drawings, compiled the 3D model of the master plan for the Buena Vida Choice Neighborhood.

TEDx Talk, 2012

Was invited to speak on the topic Sustainable Education for a Sustainable Society.

Chicago Architecture Biennial


Model Making Volunteer, 2017

Recently worked on the final touches of PRODUCTORA'S Legacy Tower proposal for the 2017 Biennial.


Chicago Design Museum

Exhibit Design Intern, 2017 May - August

Worked on some interior architectural solutions.

Conceptualized the museum's participation in 'Chicago's Halloween Gathering'.

Designed & prototyped props for the same.

Revit, Rhino, Grasshopper, Rhino Vault, KUKA | prc, Fusion 360, Maxwell Studio, AutoCAD

Illustrator, Photoshop, Muse, inDesign, Premiere, After Effects

C++, HTML,  Java Script, Arduino



Model making, Prototype fabrication, Wood & Metal fabrication, Large format printing, Editorial design, Circuit designing + building

Founder + Designer, 2015

Designed websites, logos, business cards for students and upcoming businesses.

Proposed a branding identity package for Silver Oaks School.


Laser cutting, 3D printing, Robotic hot wire cutting, Heat pressing

SMG Design

Architectural Intern, 2015 March - June

Created presentations, storyboards,  program outlines, schematic drawings, 3D models and digital renders

Also worked on edits for construction documents (AutoCAD) of ongoing projects

Silver Oaks International School

Graphic Designer, 2013

Designed large format prints, magazine layouts and notebook covers.

Designed the school's annual assessment booklet for students titled - 'Yardsticks'.

Dhama innovations

Product Design Intern, 2011 May - August

Designed an indicator jacket and few speakers made out of recycled materials.

Worked with wearable electronics and globally patented CryothermicTM Nanotechnology called ClimaCon®.


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Bachelor of Fine Art, 2012-2017

Worked on various projects dealing with temporary pavilions, interior urbanism, urban infills, and infrastructure.

Proposed, fabricated and exhibited art installations and designed objects.

Architectural Association

Diploma in Robotic Fabrication & Digital Modeling, 2016

Parametrically designed a Pavilion and collectively fabricated a 1:1 final model using a KUKA robotic arm and foamcore modules.

ESADE University

Summer Business School, 2015

Studied Entrepreneurship, Project management, Design thinking and Marketing.

Learnt to create rudimentary business plans, effective elevator pitches & funding proposals, and marketing presentations.


Merit for Commendable Site

LafargeHolcim Awards

Awwwards.com, 19th June 2017


Initial shortlisted project,  2017

Upside Down

Adobe design achievement awards

Semi-Finalist, 2017

Awarded for the project 'Upside Down'.


HKS Design Fellowship, 2017

Recognized for my work and selected as a HKS Design Fellow for the year of 2017.

Website Design Awards

Website of the Day, 2016

www.udittoshniwal.com (Feb 4th, 2016)

www.seetharamvallabhaneni.com (Feb 8th, 2016)

Guru of the Day

Web Guru Awards, Jan 2016



Merit for Commendable Site

Awwwards.com, 2016

wwwseemless.design (Jan 21st, 2016)

www.kanikaranka.com (Jan 4th, 2016)

Muse Site of the Day

Adobe Muse, Jan 13th 2016

www.seemless.design (www.goseemless.com)


Two Towers

Chicago Architectural Biennial, 14th September 2017

Part of the team that worked on PRODUCTORA's proposal for the 'Vertical City' exhibit which is on display at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Design possibilities on Cermak

Group Exhibition, 2017

Year end exhibition of projects done for Paola Aguirre's Architecture studio 4 which featured 'Giga Village'.

Fluid Interfaces

Group Exhibition, 2017

Showcased an installation titled 'Unwrapping the fourth vernacular' that challenges viewer's perception of materials and encourages them to re-imagine materials as high performing territories.

Punching Baguette

SAIC ArtBash, 2013

Was one of the 10 faculty nominations from my section of first year core studio.

Showcased a video installation 'Punching Baguette',  the piece is an exploration of stimulus & response.